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Google News Not So Newsworthy?

I just googled ‘news,’ expecting Google News to be the first link on the page. It wasn’t. CNN.com takes the cake.

What does that tell ya about Google? Mixed reaction?


AOL Keyword?

I found myself shocked today as I looked on the back of a book and noticed a call to action for an AOL Keyword.

AOL Keywords used to be pretty dang important. But is it even relevant now? In a world where Google dominates and Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL and many others continue to nip at their heels, what makes your keyword so special?

Click here for an interactive version of the AOL Page View graph below at Alexa.com

AOL Web Stats

I’m not dogging AOL – they pretty much invented the web culture in the very beginning, and their marketing tactics of free minutes and CDs in the mail was extremely successful. But there time has come and gone, and I really don’t see how they could ever make a significant comeback.

Do you think the same thing will ever happen to Google? Do you see a time in the next 25 years where there’s a bigger player than Google?