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Move the Box

As cliche as it is, business and life constantly celebrate those who “think outside the box.” The ones who dare, who risk, who innovate, who challenge, who take a chance. The ones that buck the status quo.

And they should be celebrated. Everything starts with an idea, and those that think outside the box are the ones with the ideas.

But those who have experienced the type of success that is celebrated and sought after  never, ever simply think outside the box. They move the box.

Look at it this way: Thinking “outside the box” is so celebrated because most people don’t want to do it. It’s rare. We all like our comfort zones. We all like the status quo. We all like more of the same than change. So we think inside the box.

So, if you’re an outside-the-box thinker, your idea that requires a change and that denies the status quo is not what most people will naturally be drawn to. In fact, they’ll naturally shun it. And without people, your idea will usually just stay an idea.

That’s why you have to move the box. Your vision, your passion, your confidence and your persistance will inspire people just enough to take a small step. And when the whole group takes a small step, the box moves. More importantly, if you can simply move the box rather than remove your people from the box, they will, in a way, still be in that comfort zone. But the only way it happens is if they have trust in you and your vision. If there’s no trust in you, then the box won’t budge, and neither will they.

Stop simply thinking outside the box; spend too much time out there, and you’ll get lonely. Survey the landscape a little, and then start moving the box. Bring along the people that will help your idea come to life. And to do that, you’ve got to move the box.

Stop Wishing and Start Fishing

Great quote here from Seth on how to become a marketer:

 “People who want to become great fishermen don’t go to work on a salmon trawler. And people who want to become marketers ought to just start marketing.”