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If You Can Think It . . . .


Computer ThinkingYears ago, when I worked at AdvoCare, Donna Cash made a statement that has stuck with me ever since. Donna was certainly no computer whiz, but she had an attitude about what computers could do that should drive every business model.

“If you can think it, a computer can do it.”

Simple (many programmers are probably thinking too simple as they read this). But still profound.Too often, our business models are driven by our current processes. Our processes are often driven by the programs our networks and systems currently allow. It’s a really bad case of the tail wagging the dog, if you think about it.

I’ve had countless experiences where a coder or Java developer tells me that the checkout process online can’t be the way it needs to be because the system won’t allow it. I’ve had as many experiences from a database standpoint when a promotion or pricing structure is completely nixed because it would screw up our inventories. But if you can think of an end result, you have believe that there is a way to program it so your system likes it.

Yes, it might take money. It will definitely take time and work. And it will take brains. Hopefully, most programmers live for this moment rather than for ways to continue in the status quo.If your company is more in love with its own processes, inventory structure, databases, ecommerce capabilities, and everything in between more than it is its customers (and moving said inventory on a more regular basis), then failure is eminent.

The goal is to overwhelm where you are today with what you’ll do tomorrow. And this requires constant focus on what makes any business grow: the customers buying what you’re selling. So start thinking of ways to make that better. Cuz if you can think it . . . .