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Weekend Reading, July 13- July 15

Some nice links I ran across over the weekend. In no particular order, of course:

  • Will work for tattoos: The Happs has a nice set of links here, including an interesting read on tattoos and your job hunt. I wonder if it would help your chances to tattoo your potential boss’s name?
  • Lost producer making a movie: My man Frank seems a bit obsessed with JJ Abrams’ upcoming movie, apparently due out in January. I’m a little behind on all the buzz, but Frank’s not. Here are all the posts he’s written on it so far.
  • The most promising Presidential candidate yet: Have you heard of Ray Hopewood yet? You will. He’s got a lot of money and he’s making a beeline to the election polls, as you can see here on My 2 Cents.
  • Stop counting Page Views: Nielsen is scrapping page views as a key measurement for a website’s popularity and giving more weight to time spent on a site. Thanks to both Steve and Raesea for pointing the way here. If getting people to spend more time on your website is the new goal, how will that change design? I guess the first question to ask, though, is do you care what Nielsen thinks? What is has done is miraculously made AOL a bigger website than Google, which you can see here at the Marketing Hipster.
  • Homemade Light Saber: Good friend and frequent commenter John Harris has figured out how to make his own light-saber. Pretty dang impressive – and entertaining.
  • Great new design blog: Here’s a great designer who has started a new blog that I think is going to be pretty cool. The lead-off post contains “Maxi Pad” in it, so you know you’ve found something fresh (pun intended).

You are part of the 40%

A telling bit of news here on Steve Rubel’s blog about new bloggers and new blog readers. Seems as though 40% of the population has a least read a blog post in the last year, and it’s climbing at a staggering pace. Interestingly enough, the number of bloggers is rather steady.

Here’s a quick two cents on this:

  • An increase in reading vs. a flatline in writers = more bloggers seen and recognized as pretty reliable authorities in their areas.
  • Content is king; give people something worth their time, and they’ll come back.
  • Make it quick – one of the beauties of reading blogs is that it is in crumb-sized pieces, and it’s focused.

Weekend Reading, March 2 – March 4

Some cool articles and posts I dug this weekend:

  1. Nice post here at WebWorkerDaily on new ways to make money online. I thought the notes on were extremely interesting.
  2. Todd And points us to this really cool billboard ad.
  3. Michael has a great “Note from Boss to Employee.” First, this post is awesome. Second, some idiot decided to leave a real cocky comment under an anonymous name. I commented and expressed how I feel about that, so be sure to read it.
  4. Scott Burns, a Dallas Morning News columnist, had this to say about Home Depot in Sunday’s paper. Interesting to see how Home Depot has fallen from grace.

Which websites get the most of our time

This is pretty fascinating, especially the little stat that 39% of all minutes spent online in December ’06 were spent on these 20 websites.

So, thanks to Compete for compiling this great data, the top 20 sites where we spend the most time.

Which one is your favorite?