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A Boring Meal is Like Beating Your Wife

You’ve got to read this, for a good laugh and a little perspective. Who knew that a decline in spousal abuse would lead to the new dawn of advertising (and soups).

The sad thing is that the ad clearly communicates that it’s the wife’s fault that the husband is yawning at the dinner table. It’s probably cuz he’s so out of shape now since he’s not spending so much time smacking his wife around.

This was only 60 years ago . . . .

There’s Always a 10% Chance

I was just looking over my local forecast and noticed something I’ve never noticed before:

There’s never less than a 10% chance of precipitation. 

Clearly, there are days everyone knows it’s not gonna rain. But it appears it is against weatherman code to ever count it out.

A few possible thoughts behind why this might be:

  1. Anything is possible right? There is always, scientifically, a chance that it could rain.
  2. This is the ultimate CYA. If it rains, you gotta be able to point to at least claiming it was an option, and therefore, it’s best to just never count it out so you’ve always got something to fall back on.
  3. People are lazy, and want things in even, incremental numbers. Why isn’t there ever a 34% chance of rain, or 4% chance? Maybe 10% covers everything from 0-10%.

I can’t clarify why I think this is relevant and/or post-worthy, but it just feels like something worth pointing out. If you can reap some nugget of wisdom from it, please share.

Here Comes Another Bubble Video

I’ve received a link to this email twice in the last 24 hours (once from Steph, once from Ron), so that has to make it a mandatory post, right?

So here’s the big question: is our latest tech craze (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) susceptible to another burst of the bubble like we saw earlier in the decade?

This Might Be Porn

OK, it’s not really porn, but it’s close. At the same time, the thought of this happening makes me laugh out loud.

Credit goes to the twisted mind of Frank for passing this one along.

Feed the Dang Cat Video

Here’s a glimpse at how just about every morning goes down for me. Except maybe the bat . . .

Stop It

Ahh, is it really this simple? How long is the list of people that you want to send this one to?

Become a ‘Thought Partner’ on Brett’s Blog

Just when I thought the most ridiculous corporate speak at been reached with “thought  leadership” and “functional silos,” Bruce unveils this treasure:

‘Thought Partners’

Read his post, then come back here, knowing I have given you an official invitation to be a thought partner on Brett’s Blog. Cuz I can’t think on my own. We’re also hiring Thought Junior Executives who one day want to reach Partner, so you’re welcome to join in, too.

Why can’t we just talk normal at work?

My Friend is an Idiot

And here’s proof:

The guy on the left is Aaron Loy, my college roommate, best man at my wedding and all that other stuff. He is, undoubtedly, an idiot. But an entertaining one, at least.

Other good Aaron links:

Weekend Reading, Aug. 3-5

Interesting links from my browsing this weekend:

  • Viruses in web ads? Say it ain’t so, Joe. Magnosticism points out that now you’ve got to think twice before you click on that sponsored banner on the side of your favorite website. What does this do for pay per click advertising (an already diminishing advertising tactic)?
  • Life improvements: Here are 10 general but pretty effective ways to improve your life. My favorite quote: “Most people, even your friends and colleagues, aren’t talking about you, thinking about you, or concerned with you at all for 99% of the time.”
  • Tips on web design: Jim has some simple ways to help your design suck less. Pretty practical tips – I don’t really incorporate many of them, but then again, I’m the low man on the totem pole when it comes to designing.
  • More news on bottled water: The AdvoCare blog has more to share on recent developments with bottled water, specifically the crap that Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coke) are trying to sell. Makes you wonder why we’re paying for it . . . .
  • Hilarious O.J. Simpson Video: Frank shows us the recent phone calls that bombarded OJ on a recent web video show. Can someone say bad idea?

Are You Feeling 7-Up?

Here’s some fun for Friday.

Long before there was the famous “Make 7/Up Yours” campaign, 7-Up had this little advertising gem.

Featuring none other than the greatest baseball player of all time . . . . . George Brett. Kinda funny his only line is laughing.