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Football Predictions 2007: AFC

Update – the blue font shows you my comments on just how badly I did with my predictions this year, as of Dec. 31, 2007.

Here’s my guesses at the AFC, the dominant conference of the NFL.

AFC North: Completely had no idea what I was talking about with this division, clearly.

  1. Cincinnati (12-4): As far as offenses go, it’s between the Bengals and the Colts for the best in the NFL. I’m not quite as high on Cincy as a lot of people are, but they’ll take the division. Ended 7-9. What a big disappointment they were. This team is a wreck.
  2. Baltimore (10-6): A great team, but I think their offense depends on McGahee this year, not McNair. Last year was a fluke – they’ve got a tough schedule this year. Ended 5-11! Billick has to go.
  3. Pittsburgh (6-10): Pittsburgh has me baffled. They have a pretty easy first 4 games, so that might help them get some momentum. Overall, though, it won’t be a good year. Ended 10-6. OK, I was wrong overall on these guys – they’re pretty good. But, I was right about their first half being stronger, and now they’ve lost Parker.
  4. Cleveland (5-11): Romeo needs to go, and Brady will be the QB by the end of the year. I think they’re getting better, but their still a cellar dweller for now. Ended 10-6. What a great surprise this has been! Jamal Lewis rises from the ashes, and Danny Anderson tells Brady to take his rookie year off. And Romeo ain’t going nowhere. What was I thinking? Kinda sucks they won’t be in the playoffs – I’d much rather watch them than the Titans.

AFC East: Really didn’t know what I was talking about here, either.

  1. New England (11-5): Does Randy Moss really make that big a difference? Everyone is acting like he does, but I can’t buy it. They’ll still top off the division, but they aren’t the best in the AFC. Ended 16-0. Yes, Moss does make that big a difference. Enough said. Chalk one up for me on picking the winner of the division, at least.
  2. New York (9-7): I think they’ll benefit more from getting to play the Bills and the Dolphins 4 times this year. I think Thomas Jones will be have a pretty big year. Ended 4-12. Jones rushed for 1,100 yards, but it didn’t matter. Only 1 TD. It actually hurt to watch the Jets this year.
  3. Miami (7-9): Great schedule to start the year off. They actually have a pretty potent offense if it’s clicking. Miami is just one of those teams that can never pull it together. Ended 1-15. Did I say potent offense?
  4. Buffalo (4-12): Man, this team sucks. On top of that, they have a horrendous schedule, taking on the AFC North and NFC East teams this year. Jim Kelly comeback? Ended 7-9. The Bills were a nice surprise this year, showing moments of being OK. Lynch could turn into something in the long-run.

AFC South: Other than the Titans, I was fairly close on this division. Three of the 6 AFC playoff teams are coming from the AFC South.

  1. Indianapolis (12-4): They are the best in the NFL. Nothing more to say. They will repeat this year. Ended 13-3. Hey, I almost got this one right, at least. Will see if they can take the AFC away from the Pats.
  2. Jacksonville (9-7): The stars aligned for them last year to get the record they did. Still a good team, and we’ll see the coming of age for Jones-Drew. Ended 11-5. Man, I can’t wait to watch these guys in the playoffs. They could beat anyone.
  3. Houston (7-9): Definitely going to be a fun team to watch this year. They will be better, but there are just too many unknowns, like Schaub, Green and their offensive line. Ended 8-8. Which is a vast improvement for them. Would’ve been nice to see what they could’ve done if they were healthy all year (Schaub, Johnson, Green, etc.). Plus, Mario Williams isn’t looking like such a bad pick after all.
  4. Tennessee (6-10): The Titans take a step back this year. Who am I supposed to know on this team other than Vince? Plus, no Pac-Man means no big plays on D. He won at least two big games for them last year. Ended 10-6. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. I still think they took a step back this year, but Vince, Jeff and the boys managed to make things happen.

AFC West:

  1. San Diego (12-4): They just have too many weapons. We’ll see more from Rivers this year. Ended 11-5. Almost nailed this one. They’re sneaking into the playoffs after a horrible start. I’m anxious to see what happens now. I’m not that impressed with Rivers, though.
  2. Denver (10-6): Great team that almost has everything together. I don’t like Travis Henry as their RB, but they always seem to make it work. Ended 7-9. Pretty disappointing for them. I thought Cutler would do more. They’re missing a running game, which is rare for Denver.
  3. Kansas City (8-8): This is my team, but they have too many question marks in the preseason to give them much respect. They should’ve drafted a real QB a few years ago. It’s going to hurt them for another 3 years. Ended 4-12. This hurt. How do you lose 9 games in a row? KC is going to be rebuilding for a while.
  4. Oakland (5-11): They suck, they can’t sign their draft picks, and they suck (did I say that?). Ended 4-12. They really do suck. However, they somehow managed to suck just a little less that the Chiefs.

Playoff picture: Cincinnati, New England, Indy, San Diego, Denver (wild card), Baltimore (wild card). Got 3 of the 6 teams, which were pretty much no-brainers to start the year, so I take no pride in that. My AFC predictions were absolutely horrible. 

Super Bowl winner = Indianapolis for the repeat.