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Diet Coke’s ‘Sparkle’ Ad Makes a Comeback

Perhaps you’ve seen this ad make a comeback in the rotation of some of your favorite shows lately:


It’s a catchy commercial, but what’s special is that it originally took the screen in Spring 2005. Now, three years later, it’s made a comeback.

So, what’s that tell us? Is Diet Coke lacking the creative juices to improve with something new, or are they wise enough to go back to something that, apparrently, worked? What do you think?

Gnarls Barkley Breaks Rules, Breaks Through

Gnarls Barkley - Run VideoI’ve never heard of Gnarls Barkley, and I probably never would’ve seen their video on MTV (does MTV still play videos?), unless I hadn’t see this on Yahoo today.

And Yahoo wouldn’t have bothered unless Gnarls Barkley had broken the rules (with crazy strobe light effects). They would’ve been just another band trying to breakthrough. It wouldn’t have been home page worthy.

In just catching up on the surface, I don’t think the band intended for their video to violate the Harding Test. It just happened that way, and now we’re hearing about it.

Is there a rule or accepted ritual you could break to get this kind of attention? Not a gimmick, or a ploy, but just good ol’ fashioned pushing of the envelope?

Here’s the video. It’s been viewed 258,000 times. Think that would’ve happened if they hadn’t broken the rules?

Video Advertising is Not TV Advertising on the Web

Just read an article by Rory J. Thompson on advertising during online video content in BrandWeek discussing how video content is “expected to grow the fastest in 2008, according to eMarketer, New York.”

Makes sense, but this quote by Kris Oser, direcotr of strategic communications at eMarketer, doesn’t:

Mainstream advertisers are more comfortable with traditional ads, but they know eyeballs are moving online. Creating commercials is something they understand. Now they can just do them online.”

What we marketers often misunderstand is that a new medium (in this case, the web, and specifically social media/web video) doesn’t just give you a new joint to post your product, but it also requires a whole new approach, and maybe a whole new product.

FDR’s fireside chats were revolutionary because it was a new thing optimized for the medium (the radio).

JFK’s TV debate with Nixon was revolutionary because it was a new approach to campaigning that fit the medium (TV).

The only Ron Paul is still involved in the current presidential race is because of how his revolutionist message fits his revolutionist audience who can easily find him on the new medium (the web).

Seth Godin is appropriately calling this misunderstanding a Meatball Sundae these days, which feels about right (it’s a pretty good book – give it a read/listen).

You can’t just throw traditional commercials online and wait for them to work. There’s a reason we fast-forward through them on TV now – we don’t want to watch them.

You need a new approach to how you make commercials specifically for the web.

12 Days of a Different Kind of Christmas

Merry Christmas, and be sure to listen and watch all the way through.

Here Comes Another Bubble Video

I’ve received a link to this email twice in the last 24 hours (once from Steph, once from Ron), so that has to make it a mandatory post, right?

So here’s the big question: is our latest tech craze (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) susceptible to another burst of the bubble like we saw earlier in the decade?

“You Can’t Handle a Bigger Logo”

My good friend Stephanie at iMC2 sent this fun video along. Who knew Jack Nicholson knew so much about advertising?

This Might Be Porn

OK, it’s not really porn, but it’s close. At the same time, the thought of this happening makes me laugh out loud.

Credit goes to the twisted mind of Frank for passing this one along.