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7 Reasons Not to be Risky

Here are some, sadly, tried and true reasons to NOT take risks with your business (or life, for that matter). I hope you can sense the sarcasm:

  1. Doing something risky might offend someone. Lord knows, if you offend someone, you must be doing something wrong, right? Try to please everyone – that has always worked.
  2. Doing something risky might lead to failure. What business can afford failure? Don’t believe all the success stories you’ve heard about people who failed and failed and failed, and then finally did something that made people say “holy crap!” Do the sure thing, something another company did last year that worked. Copying others always works.
  3. Doing something risky might cost money. Especially if your budget is tight, now is no time to invest more money in marketing initiatives. Make cut-backs. Figure out the problems with your supply chain. Don’t spend anything on design. Put off those new e-commerce initiatives. It’s the penny-pinchers who, throughout history, have really made things happen, don’t you know? It always works.
  4. Doing something risky means change. Nobody likes change. Keep doing what you’ve been doing – just because it hasn’t worked yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Be loyal to the plan. See the strategy all the way through, even if it’s not working. Don’t ruffle the feathers. Let your customers stay comfortable and familiar with what you’re doing. That always works.
  5. Doing something risky might get me fired. Nobody wants to be fired. Fall in line. Let someone else make the calls, so if it goes wrong, they’ll take the blame. Get everything in writing. Get everything signed off. Lean on the timid side of moving forward. Cautious. Careful. Don’t cause a scene, and don’t speak too much of your mind. That always works.
  6. Doing something risky might require more work. Don’t put in the extra time. Put in your 40 hours, and move on. Settle for good enough. It’s usually all you need. If it can’t be done in an 8-hour workday, either you’re not organized, or it can be done. At least right now. Get done what you can, and take your time. That always works.
  7. Doing something risky might screw up the process. Processes are there for a reason. Let them dictate what you can and can’t do. Don’t even try to squeeze in a great, last-minute idea if it’s past the deadline. Make sure you’ve got all the right approvals before you do anything. “Risky” usually lacks process, and that’s just not good business. Stick to the process. That always works.

Sound like anything you’re interested in? Which reasons are missing?

Update 2.12 = Here’s a similar article from MarketingProfs that speaks to this in a completely different way.