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Great Marketing Blogs

Looking for some great blogs on marketing and all that entails? Look no further than this post on The Marketing Minute. At the bottom, Drew thanks many of his commenters (not to mention yours truly), and just linking to a few of them shows that Drew’s blog has become quite the epicenter for the rest of us.

Thanks, Drew – your site is definitely one of the best.

Weekend Reading, May 4 – 6

Here are a few links worth a read:

  • Newspaper circulation: List of the top papers in the country. The Dallas Morning News had the biggest dip. I ended my subscription about 2 weeks ago, but I had no idea it would have this kind of effect.
  • Amazing Advertisements: Great samples of creative ads, especially of the grassroots style. My favorite is the dropped calls billboard.
  • Name a New Product from 2006: 81% of consumers could not mention one top 50 product released in 2006. I’ll probably have more on this alarming stat later this week.
  • Great quote on keeping humble
  • Look! Here’s a pretty good daily dose of Seth. What makes people point at you in a way that makes everyone else look?
  • Counting Clicks: Pretty good summary of web traffic stat programs. Thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing the way.