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The Most Important Stat in Baseball

Probably more than any other sport, baseball reveres stats in the highest regard. Maybe it’s because there are so many games. Or maybe it’s because there are so many things you can measure. Or maybe it’s because there are so many variables, like the starting pitcher, and the outdoor conditions, and all that.

But it’s all secondary.

The point of any game is to win. Winning in baseball is determined by who has the most runs. Therefore . . . .

The most important stat for a batter in baseball are the runs scored.

The second most important stat for a batter are runs batted in.

Everything else – batting average, home runs, slugging, on-base – EVERYTHING – should just be a means to that end. A tactic. A cause and not the effect.

But you rarely hear the league leader in runs scored praised, at least for their ability to score runs. RBIs are a little more popular, but they are definitely the Holy Spirit equal in baseball’s trinity (batting avg. and home runs being much more popular). And I’ve never heard of many contracts that have bonuses based on runs scored.

But that’s really all that matters. More runs = more wins.

p.s. – We’ve got something special happening this year, as the leader for Runs Scored and Runs Batted In is the same person – Alex Rodriguez. That’s the ultimate production; how could anyone else be the MVP this year?

Shift Happens Video

Exhilarating and depressing all at the same time. Worth 6 minutes of your time.

You are part of the 40%

A telling bit of news here on Steve Rubel’s blog about new bloggers and new blog readers. Seems as though 40% of the population has a least read a blog post in the last year, and it’s climbing at a staggering pace. Interestingly enough, the number of bloggers is rather steady.

Here’s a quick two cents on this:

  • An increase in reading vs. a flatline in writers = more bloggers seen and recognized as pretty reliable authorities in their areas.
  • Content is king; give people something worth their time, and they’ll come back.
  • Make it quick – one of the beauties of reading blogs is that it is in crumb-sized pieces, and it’s focused.

Which websites get the most of our time

This is pretty fascinating, especially the little stat that 39% of all minutes spent online in December ’06 were spent on these 20 websites.

So, thanks to Compete for compiling this great data, the top 20 sites where we spend the most time.

Which one is your favorite?