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Blog Spam: Crock or Compliment?

SpamIn the last month or so, I’ve seen the amount of spam coming through as comments has skyrocketed. You might’ve noticed it, too, with some that have actually momentarily tricked my blog spam filter (Akismet) and made it on the site.

What you don’t see is that I’m probably getting about 50 spam comments a day that never go live.

I’m no fan of spam. Who is? But it does beg the question: is an increase in spam mean you’ve somehow been identified as a better medium? Is being spam-worthy something to be proud of?

It also makes you realize that the more successful you become in a business, or in life, the more “spam” you have to deal with, whether it’s a lousy salesman who just knows his product is what you’ve been missing, to a long lost cousin who’s begging you for a job. Or maybe it’s more telemarketers, or more people not acting normal around you, or more meaningless meetings than meaningful ones.

And they all keep you from spending more time on what you’re good at.

If you could have a spam filter on your life, what would it filter out? Why don’t you just go ahead and filter it instead?