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Crossroads Guitar Duel

Something fun – the definitive guitar duel. If you haven’t seen this movie (Crossroads), it’s worth a rent. Especially if you’re a blues fan. Just don’t get it confused with the Brittany Spears movie by the same name.

Ralph Macchio peaked with this one movie excerpt. Steve Vai had only begun. (Props to Ry Cooder, too – he’s one of the main men behind the scenes making Ralph sound good, esp. on slide)

Drifting by Andy McKee

This is Andy McKee – music lovers, prepare to be amazed. By the way, here’s the YouTube link to all his stuff. 

A few observations:

  • Do you think any of us would’ve heard of this guy if YouTube and the rest of the social media world wasn’t there?
  • There are still gifted, original musicians out there! You wouldn’t know it by listening to the radio.
  • He’s not the first to do the two-hand thing like this, but I’ve never seen anyone do this style specifically. Someone early on could have easily told him that’s not the proper way to play guitar. I’m glad he didn’t listen.