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Peaks and Valleys

Growth (in life, business, the stock market, blog traffic, etc.) is not a simple, straight journey from point A to point B. There are peaks and valleys. Ups and downs. The ebb and flow.

Growth is not a straight line.

Because of that simple truth, it takes a little perspective and a lot of faith when you’re in the midst of the growth journey. I think my blog traffic stats actually paint the picture pretty well –

Day Stats for Brett’s Blog

If you take a look at my recent daily traffic, it’s pretty sporadic. Some days are good, some days are bad, and if I obsessed about today not being better than yesterday . . . everyday . . . . then I would lose my mind. Because there are simply too many variables, including people’s schedules, weekly trends, etc. But the peaks and valleys are clear, and if you only had this to base your assessment on, you really wouldn’t know what to think about how you’re doing.

Week Stats for Brett’s Blog

Then you look at my weekly traffic. There is still plenty of variance, but you can pretty much see an upward climb. This is promising. But what makes it promising is that we’re looking at a much larger chunk of time, and the inconsistencies seem to take care of themselves.

Brett’s Blog - Month Stats

Finally, the monthly report tells it all. Yes, I obviously had a big month in July, then came back to reality. But for the most part, it’s clear that things are on the up and up.

All three examples are measuring the same thing, so what’s the difference? Time is the difference. We too often change strategies too soon because we don’t give our strategies enough time to take hold. When investing, you know you have to ignore the peaks and valleys (unless you’re a day trader), being confident that the market, overall, will go up if you just leave it alone and let it do its thing.

Can you do that with your life? Your business?

My 5 Favorite Posts on Brett’s Blog

Call it narcissistic. Call it only-child syndrome. Call it a cheap way to get more views. But, I thought it might not be too pathetic for me to list my personal favorite posts on my blog since its inception. Ironically, they aren’t your favorite posts, according to my stats, so you probably haven’t read them anyway. If you can’t enjoy what you spend so much time doing, why do it, right?

In fact, why don’t you do the same? And leave a comment here so we can find it. And trackback to here so we can all get it in the action.

My favorite blog posts to date:

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