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Happy Birthday to Southwest

Southwest Airlines is celebrating its one-year anniversary as members of the blogosphere. Their corporate blog Nuts About Southwest has pretty much set the standard for corporate blogging (much like everything else Southwest does for customer service).

A few very interesting quotes and observations:

  • “Blogging works for us because, as a Company, we know we have nothing
    to hide,” said Southwest Airlines President Colleen Barrett. “Our Employees
    absolutely ooze authenticity, and our bloggers have been able to bring that
    same spirit to the blog.” Imagine being at a company that has nothing to hide. Interestingly enough, many of us do work at a company like that, but they’re not as willing to stand by it as Southwest.
  • Over 30 employees contribute to the blog. That takes some serious training and delegation. And not training on how to blog, but on how to be an ambassador for the culture of the company. But that’s what Southwest is good at.
  • Read through some of the comments on the blog. They aren’t all positive. But rather than not allow it to show, Southwest let’s the rest of the world see how they handle the situation. Which is one of the best marketing moves they can make.

Blogging is a must for any business now, regardless of size. And so is attention to customers. And relationships with them. Southwest is figuring that out.