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An Even Better First for the Super Bowl

I thought Colts’ Coach Tony Dungy’s answer to questions about being the first black head coach to win the Super Bowl was outstanding. Here’s the full story, in case you missed it.

Three observations:

  1. Obviously, it’s amazing when a man of character and integrity like Dungy proclaims so unmistakenly his faith in Christ.
  2. Both Dungy and Smith obviously understand the significance of being the first two black head coaches to be in a Super Bowl. But they did not fan the flame that the media was trying to set ablaze. They know it’s most important to be respected for their faith and character and accomplishments among all mankind before they are recognized under the subset of a race.
  3. Why would Bloomberg skip the part in the quote about “doing it the Lord’s way?” What does that tell you about Bloomberg? What could you tell Bloomberg about it? Here’s a link to their feedback page, just in case you want to give them some. I am.

Weekend Reader: Feb. 2 – Feb. 4

Here is some great reading I enjoyed this weekend. Take it or leave it:

  • You Are Being Lied To by Larry Winget. I think my favorite quote in this one is “I do more wrong before noon than most people will screw up in a week.”
  • Blogging the 2007 Super Bowl Ads. I haven’t read through all of this one yet, and it won’t be fully functional until Monday, but it’s cool to read reactions from some of the big dogs in marketing regarding certain ads. Seth Godin pretty much gave up from the beginning, and Tim Arnold is mistakenly fond of the Coke ads (I thought most of them sucked).
  • The Books in My Library are Gathering Dust. Interesting read from the Morning News about a high school librarian and how the library and love for reading the classics seems to be diminishing as our reliance on the web grows.
  • For Baptists, Spirt, Spirits Don’t Mix. OK, this one’s a little overdue, but it’s really funny. I love Steve Blow – an easy read of a great column.

The Official Blog Post of the Big Game

According to this article in the Washington Post, Leventhal, Senter & Lerman, a Washington law firm says “You can make fun of the fact that you cannot say the phrase ‘Super Bowl.'” OK, here we go . . . .

It’s ridiculous how crazy regulation of saying “Super Bowl” has gotten. I understand protecting sponsorships, and trademarks, and all that crap. But keeping a business from promoting a “Super Bowl Party,” or an incentive to win a trip to the “Super Bowl,” – that doesn’t make sense.

I’ve always thought it’s a good thing if people talk about your product. So why don’ t you let them?

You might be thinking, “The Super Bowl doesn’t need anyone to spread the word – it’s already as popular as it can be.” Maybe, but I daresay that the game itself, the ads and the halftime show are more often a huge whipping to suffer through rather than an edge-of-your-chair nail-biter into the final seconds of the game, even for sports enthusiasts. Most of us enjoy Super Sunday because of the parties we go to, better known as “Super Bowl Parties.” So if that’s what gets most of us to watch, especially those who never watch another game the entire year, shouldn’t you welcome people to have a gathering with you as the focal point?

In addition, when you charge $2.5 million for a 30-second ad spot in a culture where commercials are becoming less and less effective, you would think your advertisers would like the idea that you allow the word to spread. Obviously,  you protect what needs to be protected for your “official sponsor,” but lighten up on the rest of it.

Part of me wonders if the NFL is just trying to make a quick, cheap buck on cracking down. That business sense sucks, and makes me want to hate the NFL (and don’t get me started on the NFL Network).

Overall, though, I hate it when people are sticklers over stuff that doesn’t matter. I guarantee you,  if you want to throw a party where everyone sits around and reads my blog, you have every ounce of permission I can give you. Who wouldn’t? (obviously, the NFL).

So, to conclude my lengthy rant, let me just say enjoy tonight’s big game, may the best team win the professional championship game that is played once a year on a Sunday, have a super time watching that super playoff, and enjoy all your super parties.

P.S. Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl.

Thomas Jones fueling up for the Super Bowl

For all the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys fans, here’s a good link about Thomas Jones and Julius Jones and what protein shakes and supplements they use to get fueled up for the season. Strong and Steady. Pretty amazing that two brothers rush for over 1,000 yards each in the same season . . . .I’m not a Bears fan at all, but their defense is impressive, and what Thomas did 2 Sundays ago on just 19 carries is crazy. Good luck in the Super Bowl.

Any Super Bowl predictions out there? I’ve got Colts 24, Bears 17.