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Weekend Reading, July 13- July 15

Some nice links I ran across over the weekend. In no particular order, of course:

  • Will work for tattoos: The Happs has a nice set of links here, including an interesting read on tattoos and your job hunt. I wonder if it would help your chances to tattoo your potential boss’s name?
  • Lost producer making a movie: My man Frank seems a bit obsessed with JJ Abrams’ upcoming movie, apparently due out in January. I’m a little behind on all the buzz, but Frank’s not. Here are all the posts he’s written on it so far.
  • The most promising Presidential candidate yet: Have you heard of Ray Hopewood yet? You will. He’s got a lot of money and he’s making a beeline to the election polls, as you can see here on My 2 Cents.
  • Stop counting Page Views: Nielsen is scrapping page views as a key measurement for a website’s popularity and giving more weight to time spent on a site. Thanks to both Steve and Raesea for pointing the way here. If getting people to spend more time on your website is the new goal, how will that change design? I guess the first question to ask, though, is do you care what Nielsen thinks? What is has done is miraculously made AOL a bigger website than Google, which you can see here at the Marketing Hipster.
  • Homemade Light Saber: Good friend and frequent commenter John Harris has figured out how to make his own light-saber. Pretty dang impressive – and entertaining.
  • Great new design blog: Here’s a great designer who has started a new blog that I think is going to be pretty cool. The lead-off post contains “Maxi Pad” in it, so you know you’ve found something fresh (pun intended).

Star Wars – Where Are They Now?

Thanks to Bruce for finding this one. Here’s the complete “Where Are They Now?” I’m not a die-hard Star Wars fan like so many, but I can’t deny the importance the trilogy had on my upbringing.

One question – exactly how does an actor do what R2D2 did?

Another note – Pretty cool that the voice of Yoda was also the voice of Miss Piggy.

Top 50 Movie Lines of All Time

Thanks to Bruce for passing along this little gem listing the greatest one-liners of all time.

My personal favorites from the list:

  • #40 –  BATMAN
    “Have you ever danced with devil in the pale moonlight?”
  • #39 –  GLADIATOR
    “At my signal, unleash hell.”
  •  #31 –  PSYCHO
    Stabbing scene – OK, not a favorite, but a question: How in the world can this be added to a list like this?
    “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife.”
    “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”