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Trial and Error

There is no greater teacher than experience.

This is especially true as you try to get your mind around all the new vehicles and tactics available to us as marketers. You can read about something, learn about something, get blown away by something, but you won’t ever really get it until you try it, screw it up, and then fix it.

That’s why this post over at Buzz Machine is so spot-on. Be sure to hit all the links, but the knockout punch of the whole post is the quote by Richard Sambrook:

There’s no better way to understand the huge changes sweeping the media than getting your hands dirty online. It’s fallen to us to reinvent the industry and we won’t do it with heads in either the sand or the clouds…

The Vodoo That You Do So Well

NintendoI read this post by David and it got me thinking:

It’s too dang hard to keep up the Joneses of marketing and business.

Every time I turn around, there’s a new tactic, tool, software, myth – SOMETHING that’s better than anything else before it. It’s happening at almost a daily rate.

And it makes me want to not do anything, cuz I know there will be a better (or more popular) way to do it tomorrow.

I confess, I have no idea how to use Twitter for business. Or Facebook. I’m sure I could figure it out, but I just haven’t. And that goes for just about anything else.

It doesn’t mean they don’t work. It means they won’t work for me, because I’ll never bother to use them.

So what do you do? You accept that maybe you won’t use the Silver Bullet of the week and stick with the method that you’re confident in and comfortable with. It’s better to use something that’s not the latest than to not use something that is.

5 Widgets Your Blog Must Have

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the widgets (the stuff in a blog’s sidebar) you can add to your blog. And they all have a purpose and can be useful. But there are five that I believe are fundamental to making a blog inform new visitors of what you’re all about when they find you for the first, and keep them coming back:

  1. Feed subscription: After a while, your fans are going to get tired of having to remember your url. Let them subscribe via a reader or email.
  2. Recent Posts: Put the new stuff in front of them so they know what you’ve got cooking.
  3. Top Posts: Show off what your readers consider to be your best stuff. They’re rarely wrong.
  4. Search Box: Just basic website navigation, and it’s amazing how many people consider it the only type of navigation.
  5. Blogroll/Links: Share the love and link out. People will take notice when they start to see that you’re driving traffic to their site. And they’ll do it for you in return.

If you don’t have these five widgets on your blog, stop reading and go add them. If you need help with setting them, email me. Make them visible toward the top of your page so they can’t be missed (or at least most of them).
Honorable mention: tag cloud and recent comments.

Paging All Pagers

PagersWhy are pagers still around?

There might be a logical answer to this, but I can’t for the life of me think of what a pager can do that a cell phone on vibrate that goes unanswered can’t. Heck, for most of you who know me outside of the blogosphere, you know that’s basically how I use my cell phone anyway.

I was prompted by Monday night’s episode of House on this one. He checks his pager rather often.

Any good reason you know of?