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A Better Way to Get Your Master’s Degree?

Graduation CapCheck out the PMBA (Personal MBA)- a guided tour through the best business books on the planet, claiming to replace the $100,000 MBA. There might be something to this . . . .

I’ve considered getting my Master’s Degree. Still not opposed to it. But one of the things I always get snagged on is the return on my time (and my money). Deep down, I think I’m convinced I’ll learn more through trial and error on the job than in a classroom. Plus, from what many friends tell me, most schools’ approach to business has not caught up with how business is actually done these days anyway.

On the other hand, I respect the schooling for the sheer fact that education in a group setting is a really good thing – the group itself provides a great deal of education. Plus, the accountability is a very good thing. These days, however, so many programs offer online courses and come-and-go class settings where you only have to actually show up once a month, which seems to take away some of these benefits.

I guess I’m saying something like the PMBA listed above might not be such a bad idea.

Any of you have your Master’s? Or are you getting it? Has it been worth it? Could you possibly be just as far ahead today without it, or has it been a key to your success?