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Congrats to the Jack Bauer . . .

. . . of Search Engine Optimization.

If you read through this thread, you can catch up on the full story.

And if you Google “The Jack Bauer of Search Engine Optimization,” you’ll see that he lives up to his name.

Seriously, if you need someone to make what you’ve got easy to find, then the J.B. of SEO is your guy.

Now, let the “millions” of my readers sing his praises . . . .

The ultimate compliment

Last week, I heard Bob Ley refer to Roger Federer as the “Jack Bauer of Tennis.”

How cool would it be to be the Jack Bauer of something!?!  There can be no higher level.

I hereby open nominations for the Jack Bauer Awards. Leave a comment by nominating something, someone, etc. as the Jack Bauer of its industry. Do it. Now. (“We’re running out of time” – Jack’s favorite line)

What could you be theJack Bauer of? Jack Bauer