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Happy 10,000 Views to Me

A quick moment of self-praise and recognition –

Brett’s Blog recently crossed the 10,000th view mark. I actually have all of you to thank for that. I started this blog back in January, not knowing what I was going to get into, and I’ve discovered an excellent tool for thought, expression, discussion and discovery. I love blogging.

With that said, it’s important to note that I hit this mark much sooner than expected due to the power of the right distribution. My Weekend Reading from last week featured a link referring to Anne Coulter. A news blog called picked it up and linked to it. You can see what happened below.

Blog Stats

Obviously, traffic like this is amazing, but will it amount to much. Maybe a little, but spikes like these are not anywhere near as important as the gradual increase of 4-5 new viewers a week over time. Either way, though, I’ll take what I can get.