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Someday You’ll Appreciate this Post

What keeps making it to your “someday list?” (thanks to UberEye)

It’s too easy, too natural to do something someday. It’s indefinite, and it’s not today, and normally not even tomorrow or this week. But it made a list, therefore you’ve done something with it.

It’s the equivalent of treating an idea like you do that piece of paper that just keeps getting shuffled around your desk, from one pile to the next, from one inbox to another, from one file folder to another. You keep putting it off and cluttering it up rather than taking the 30 seconds to read it, act on it and then toss it in the can.

What would happen to your productivity if you took one “someday list” item each week and just did it? And ignored all the others on the list in the process? What if you took that “someday” item and made it a “this day” item?