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Is That Really Van Halen?

Van Halen ComebackGreat news: Van Halen is making a comeback.

Bad news: Yahoo makes the announcement with a picture of David Lee Roth and guitarist Steve Vai, not Eddie Van Halen. Vai was Roth’s guitar player when he left Van Halen and went solo. And he was great in the movie Crossroads.

Tip to Yahoo – I’d like to say it’s a simple mistake to make, but it’s really not. Try to have the guy (Eddie Van Halen) who’s responsible for the name of the band (Van Halen) in the picture.

But it’s still good news, even though I think David Lee Roth is an idiot.

Crossroads Guitar Duel

Something fun – the definitive guitar duel. If you haven’t seen this movie (Crossroads), it’s worth a rent. Especially if you’re a blues fan. Just don’t get it confused with the Brittany Spears movie by the same name.

Ralph Macchio peaked with this one movie excerpt. Steve Vai had only begun. (Props to Ry Cooder, too – he’s one of the main men behind the scenes making Ralph sound good, esp. on slide)