My Newest Blog:

OK – for those of you bored to death with my marketing pontifications, loyal readers of this blog only because of a dedicated friendship or a love of giving me a hard time via the comments, I got ya something:

Introducing, my all-new blog that has absolutely nothing to do with marketing, and everything else to do with anything else that crosses my mind.

Start here to find out all about it, and then make your way through the few posts I’ve got up there. I’m still getting the tone and feel of the blog down, but I think it will be a rather enjoyable conversation for us all.

2 responses to “My Newest Blog:

  1. Thanks for nice article!

  2. So the motorcyclist was wearing black leathers, a white full face helmet and riding a white bike with a top box but they have no idea of the make or model? That takes the possible suspects down from several million to a few million then! Just about every biker I see uses a full face helmet, most leathers are black, plenty of bikes are white and lots of them have top boxes. This is as much use as saying “we believe the murderer has two lungs, at least one hand and almost certainly can see. But we can’t be sure on any of those”. Just get back to us, DM, when there are some solid facts rather than wild supposition will you? – Dave the Atheist , Southampton, 13/1/2013 19:02 ================= Not very bright, are you? This is actually a public alert for anyone else who saw a similar motorbike to come forward. Someone else may be able to identify the make. Someone else may have seen the rider’s face. This tiny piece of information might be the link to gather more information.

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