Google Content Network Ads Pay Off for Murad (Case Study)

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Often the red-headed stepchild of pay-per-click advertising, AdWord placement in Google’s content network is often frowned upon and shied away from. Not so for skincare distributor Murad. This article from Internet Retailer details how Murad was able to increase sales by 15% via ads on Google’s content network.

The campaign’s success had lead Murad to restructure its approach to paid search, according to Katherine LaFranchise, senior director of online marketing for Murad. “”We used to think that content advertising was only useful for increasing search conversions, but we found you can achieve direct return on investment from content campaigns,” she says.

It’s interesting that only one site from the network is mentioned as being the prime generator of traffic.

What’s the smallest niche you can think of for your company? What website(s) do those people visit? Is there any way you can get involved?

3 responses to “Google Content Network Ads Pay Off for Murad (Case Study)

  1. Thanks, that was very helpful. I will read the article and take out the nuggets to duplicate the results.


  2. Check out oflien keyword linking at …. will generate more quality traffic than all search engines combined!

  3. Hey Brett, I use google content heavily in my business. Correctly structured you can pay less than 10 cents per click and get hundreds of thousands of impressions per day. I drive quite a bit of traffic to my site with a a $20/ day budget.

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