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Is a Super Bowl ad worth it?

I’ve got my own opinions on this, but I thought I would collect some of your opinions before digging into the topic myself.

Knowing that a 30 sec. ad during this year’s Super Bowl cost $2.7 mil., the question on the table is . . . .

Is it worth it?

Thank You, NFL Network

Thanks to Roger Goodell and the NFL Network for making tonight’s Pats/Giants game available for us simpletons. It’s the right move.

It’s the right move because it’s right for the fan. The NFL could very well be sacrificing revenue, DISH network subscriptions, the likelihood of cable networks picking it up and mere validity in the future. But they’ve done right by me, even though I had this to say about them a couple weeks ago. Tonight could be historic, and its right for all of us to celebrate together.

Thanks, NFL.

Weekend Reading, Dec. 14-16

Here are some great posts I found over the weekend:

  1. Top 15 logos of All-Time: StartUp Blog offers these time-tested logos. I find it interesting that the cross tops the list, but it makes sense. However, there are a few on there that I definite question, like Swatch, Quicksilver and Woolmark.
  2. Parcells’ Impact on the Cowboys: With all the jawing between Keyshawn and T.O. this past week, it makes sense to stop and give credit where it’s due. To me, it’s simple: Parcells was great for player development for the Boys, and not a good fit as a coach.
  3. Could It Spread?: Here’s #2 from Start-Up Blog, a nifty idea on spreading the word about a new site. I love watching the guy breakdance – it makes me start looking for my parachute pants. I give the tactic 2 thumbs up.
  4. The Short Life of the Chief Marketing Officer: Read this in the BusinessWeek from November 29. The main point: CMOs avg. 26 months at a job, the shortest of any executive. I’ll have more on this in a separate post, but for now, give it a read – it’s good.
  5. NY Times Readership Jumps 64%: Amazing what happens when you don’t charge people to read your website! And just think of all the ad revenue that will no doubt eclipse any revenue they got while charging readers.

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The 100 Most Influential Folks in Sports

Thanks to Magnosticism for finding this little pearl.

Seems as though BusinessWeek and ESPN Magazine got together and put together a list of the “Sports Power 100 List,” a grouping of the most influential people in sports. Some notables:

#11 = Michael Jordan: Amazing that’s he’s still this influential, ranking right behind mostly commissioners.

#12 = Scott Boars: The “Baseball AntiChrist,” representing everything that’s gone wrong with the game.

#17 = David Beckham: Imagine how influential he’d be if he actually played soccer. Regardless, he’s definitely bigger than the Spice Girls.

#50 = Mark Cuban: I personally think he should be higher. I guess they’re waiting to see how well he dances this year. Or maybe buy the Cubs.

#53 = Jerry Jones: Another Dallas owner that should be higher. I don’t really like him, but you can’t deny he’s changed business in the NFL, and continues to do so (just watch this scary Papa John’s commercial).