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Useless Research from BrandWeek

Ron responds to a new survey featured in BrandWeek that, sadly, reveals absolutely nothing and pretty much makes a mockery of good marketing research.

My quick thoughts on it:

  1. On targeting: How in the world can you be considered a marketing executive (MENG) and still basically admit to targeting the world? The study shows that this group of marketing execs will pretty much target ages 20 – 65 with the same amount of focus? To truly have a target, you have to be willing to say “no” to everything outside of that target.
  2. On Green Marketing: I basically commented this on Ron’s blog, but as we hear more and more about the importance of Green Marketing, we must realize that it is becoming a commodity in marketing, not really something that makes you stand out. It’s something that consumers are checking off their list of requirements, not something that makes you different. I still believe most consumers aren’t really that concerned with the environment, but they don’t want to be seen as unconcerned. So seeing “green” or “natural” or “organic” or “eco-friendly” is all they need, and then they move on deeper into the sales cycle.