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Intention is Powerless

I heard my dear friend Rick Loy state a quote a few nights ago at the Roaring Lambs banquet that is, ironically, quite powerful:

We all know that intention is powerless.

Thankfully, Rick has also written a post on the same topic, so enjoy.

I’m guilty of banking too much on intention. My gut tells me that, if you asked around, the people I work with and interact with would probably tell you I’m a driver, a “get-it-done” guy. But in my heart, I know I rarely complete 25% of what I intend to do, or even what I verbalize I will do (ask my wife). Like Yoda said to Luke, “There is no try. Do, or do not.” Which means I’m still a long way from becoming a Jedi.

Much like a faith without works is dead, so intention without action dies just as easily.