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7 Sins, a Lack of Logic and Wikipedia-Haters

Here are a few great links my mouse happened to find this past week:

  1. How to Make a Living Writing: This is an excellent series on writing with some practical tips from a successful but obviously approachable writer.
  2. They’ve Ruined Wednesdays: Jim makes a great point on when the best day to send emails is. You gotta zig when they zag!
  3. The 7 Deadly Sins of Management: There’s a lot of power in reading through this short little list. All of us will read it and think it’s obvious that you should do this. But would your direct reports agree that manage that way?
  4. Human Talk: Values: The Marketing Fresh Peel comments on when corporate gets conversational, and just how refreshing it is. Here, it uses Whole Foods as his example.
  5. Why Logic Doesn’t Always Work in Marketing: What’s it mean when a cosmetic product that doesn’t work actually does better than one that does? And for that very reason? Read the post.
  6. Encyclopedia Salesmen Hate Wikipedia: Seth Godin strikes again with another poigent commentary on the mix of business and technology, and which one wins when push comes to shove.
  7. Best Business Advice (short and sweet): Entertaining and helpful collection of one-liners of wisdom. I added my two cents to the original post, but I love the advice on this link to “not be intimidated. You’re smarter than most people, you just don’t know it yet.”
  8. Off-Target Blogging: Did Target really say they don’t consider bloggers part of their core guests? Should I be offended, or just disappointed in the stupidity to even publish something like that?