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What Starbucks Should Be Doing Today

I like that Starbucks is closing its doors today for 3 hours to focus on training. Good move, and I actually like the message to consumers. However, they could have taken it one big step further. . . .

They should be encouraging their afternoon ‘regulars’ to donate that $3.25 they would normally drop on a White Mocha Latte toward a single charity of Starbucks’ choosing. They could faciliate it online, or better, just have a piggy bank of sorts outside of stores and drive-thru windows. It wouldn’t have affected their training, and it could’ve made a big, BIG difference in just a three-hour window.

I have no idea how many people normally buy a cup of joe from 5:30 – 8:30 on a Tuesday, but based on this Wiki stat of 6,783 stores in the U.S., if you assume 100 patrons per store, and $3.25 as the average purchase, that’s a quick $2.2 mil. generated. And I bet I’m underselling the 100 patrons part.

It would build awareness of Starbucks getting back to its basics, while also enhancing the community-feel of its ‘regulars,’ while also doing something good and attention-worthy.