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The 100 Most Influential Folks in Sports

Thanks to Magnosticism for finding this little pearl.

Seems as though BusinessWeek and ESPN Magazine got together and put together a list of the “Sports Power 100 List,” a grouping of the most influential people in sports. Some notables:

#11 = Michael Jordan: Amazing that’s he’s still this influential, ranking right behind mostly commissioners.

#12 = Scott Boars: The “Baseball AntiChrist,” representing everything that’s gone wrong with the game.

#17 = David Beckham: Imagine how influential he’d be if he actually played soccer. Regardless, he’s definitely bigger than the Spice Girls.

#50 = Mark Cuban: I personally think he should be higher. I guess they’re waiting to see how well he dances this year. Or maybe buy the Cubs.

#53 = Jerry Jones: Another Dallas owner that should be higher. I don’t really like him, but you can’t deny he’s changed business in the NFL, and continues to do so (just watch this scary Papa John’s commercial).