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Weekend Reading, Jan. 26 – Jan. 28

Don’t know if you’re like me, but one of the joys of a weekend is all the reading you can squeeze in. Nothing better than a Sunday morning in a big chair with a copy of the Morning News and either Meet the Press or the Sports Reporters on the tube.

With that being the case, my goal is to have a somewhat weekly post that links out to the stuff I read on the weekend that’s worth another read. If possible, wait until you can be in your own big chair for the full effect.

  • Men Aren’t Women – as always, we men are clueless.
  • How to Be Creative – a good friend’s redirect to a great presentation from the creator of I’ve only read the first of 26 ways described, but I’m pretty sure this will be a good one to read in bite-sized pieces. 
  • Have a Nice Day – Andy Rooney’s weekly column is just a pleasant read about simple pleasures. A great quote from it: “I feel sorry for all the people in the world who work all day without being able to lie down to take a nap. I’d rather have a nap than a raise.”
  • No Longer Hip – Jay Dyckman’s observation of his 35th birthday and how it now excludes him from the default target 18-34 demographic. 

I always feel like . . .

 . . . somebody’s watching me (Gen Xers, let’s all sing along).

My boss was the first person to find my blog. Ends up he had a Google Alert for “AdvoCare,” and I popped up in his inbox right away.

At first, I thought this was pretty cool. Then I started thinking about the consequences.

For example, if I share a thought on how to do business better, there’s instant accountability there. If he likes the idea, I’m sure he’ll be waiting for me to live up to it. If he doesn’t like the idea, my reputation could be tarnished.

Or what if I’ve got a really good point about how NOT to do things, and he’s my source? To post, or not to post. (For the record, I probably wouldn’t post. I might be dumb, but I ain’t stupid).

I think, at some point or another, this is what every blogger must go through. It seems cool to have your ideas out there, and it is. But there’s also a sense of responsibility to walk the talk (or in this case jog the blog). Whether it’s cuz your boss is reading it, or just anyone else who can actually see if you live up to your own ideas and convictions.

Can you imagine what would happen if we all stuck to our own convictions? If we acted on just 20% of our ideas? I digress . . .

Point is, accountability is a good thing. It either pushes and disciplines you do to with your hands and feet what you know you should in your head and heart, or it keeps you from running your mouth. I know I want it; I just don’t like it.

We’ll find out if the big boss man is still reading, by the way. Doc, if you are, leave a comment.