27 Things Companies Should NOT do with Social Media

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I’ve just stumbled upon EverythingCU.com, and have come across this excellent list of 27 Credit Union Social Media Don’ts. Don’t worry – every point can be applied beyond Credit Unions. Read it, apply it, and critique yourself. Whatever your first two reactions are after reading it, promise you’ll do something about it. Otherwise, it’s just another fancy list.

My favorites –

Don’t think that social media is just another marketing channel to starting shouting on.

Don’t blog just because everyone else is doing it. And if you do, don’t let it languish for long periods of time.

Don’t think that social media and traditional marketing are an either/or situation. The best campaigns utilize both types where appropriate.


4 responses to “27 Things Companies Should NOT do with Social Media

  1. I liked the “Don’t use a condescending tone of voice”. It reminded me of threatening earlier in the week to write a blog post entitled “Bedside manners for technical architects”. Some are very socially stifled and condescension seems to feature heavily in their communications repertoire.

  2. Hey Brett!

    Thanks for the link. I’m very glad that you like this list, and I hope you find it useful. I agree that everyone who reads this list should take two actions based on something that they learned from it. That’s also very much the theme that Christopher Penn gave us throughout his unkeynote addresses at PodCamp Boston. All the best intentions in the world are for naught unless you take action.

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  4. You need to be very careful of using marketing on social media because the visitors are not stupid and know when blogs are there to make money

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