Words, Links, Innovations and Giant Leaps in Wine Labeling

A few noteworthy posts I’ve stumbled on over the past few weeks . . . .

  1. Yes, Words Matter: So when do you use “more than” instead of “over?” Better yet, when does it matter? CommonSense PR has a take on it.
  2. Link/Comment Baiting: Ed’s listed his favorite marketing-ish blogs. I’ve hit a few links, but plan on digging in over the next couple weeks.
  3. 5 Steps to Becoming a Buff: You just can’t go wrong with the ‘Seinfeld on Marketing’ series, but this is one of my favorites. I wanna be a buff!
  4. What Corporations Need from PR in a Web 2.0 world: Lee summarizes a keynote by Mike Moran that makes me feel better about not knowing everything that’s going on in the Web 2.0 world. My favorite Moran quote: “You have permission to sip from the new web 2.0 world, rather than drink from it like a fire hose.
  5. 10 Signs You Should Be Charging More as a Freelancer: A lighthearted but practical guide into making more out of making it on your own.
  6. 7 Things Innovators Do That You Don’t: My favorite one is that innovators aren’t afraid to communicate their crazy ideas.
  7. Peel-off Wine Label: Now this is too simple to be as smart as it is. Why hasn’t this been thought of before?
  8. Why Does Big Mean Bad?: Paul Williams details the process of moving from small to big, and that parts that may be inevitable. Why are people shifting away from Whole Foods now?

8 responses to “Words, Links, Innovations and Giant Leaps in Wine Labeling

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brett. I am so tired of smart people being made to feel stupid because they don’t know EVERYTHING about the latest trends. Since when was our job keeping up with technology and not being effective marketers? I think a lot of Internet marketing techniques work, but each of us should only deal with the ones that work for us.

    And I love the name of your blog–who among us can aspire to any more than being a work in progress?

  2. Brett – you should really dig the Grammer Group because of your collegiate educational background.

  3. I personally like being a buff – WWII buff, scifi buff, submarine buff – kinda like being part of a buffet of information – sadly none of it related to marketing.

  4. The link to “What Corporations Need from PR in a Web 2.0 world” is 404.

  5. Pingback: simple plan crazy

  6. RKenneth – thanks for the head’s up. I’ll see what I can figure out.

    Mike – I think that’s what’s so refreshing about your talk. If we think we have to do it all, we’ll never do it at all.

    And I’m looking forward to digging into the Grammar Group.

  7. I agree, Brett. One of the reasons I named my latest book Do It Wrong Quickly is because sometimes we stop ourselves from trying something because we are so concerned with doing it right. Telling ourselves that we don’t know enough to try something is one of the main ways we stop ourselves, so I want people to know that they don’t need to know anything–they can learn by doing in Internet marketing because it isn’t a huge risk. Thanks so much for the kind words.

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