The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Yet?

Rose Ceremony on The BachelorYes, I watch The Bachelor. That’s not the point here . . .

The point is that every single teaser before the last segment of The Bachelor is concluded with, “Coming up, the most dramatic rose ceremony yet.”

This has been going on for about six years. It rarely lives up to the billing, and now it’s a joke.

The real point is that you need to be realistic with what you communicate. If it’s really the best and most ever, then say it. If it’s not, don’t. Like the little boy crying wolf, promising “the most exciting product extension since the iPod Nano” will get old and wreak of distrust. You’ll become a joke.


5 responses to “The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Yet?

  1. Brett,

    I’ll leave my Bachelor comments aside…If a friend called you and said they had just watched the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, you’d watch. When we hear a company talk about themselves in infomercial-type ways, we ignore it or proceed with caution.

    My guideline – if what you are saying would fit best in a starburst during an infomercial, its best not to say it at all. Stick with making the best product possible and let others say it for you.

  2. Love the guideline. It’s a fairly easy one to determine. In addition, we usually give more credit in advance to whatever the product is if our friend recommended it, whether we actually experience the product at that level at all.

  3. Very true. I guess that is because we stop and think more often about what we recommend – we try and protect our street cred.

  4. You lost me at “I watch the Bachelor.” Sorry.

  5. Sorry to see you go.

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