What do Failure and Success Have in Common?

The answer is Action, according to Steve at Start Up Blog. This visual is perfect.


4 responses to “What do Failure and Success Have in Common?

  1. You ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!! What, you didn’t enter the contest? No worries, as unbelievable as it is, NO ONE wanted the Dallas Cowboys tire cover I’m giving away. So I had to go hunt for someone I thought would appreciate it, and Technorati led me here. 🙂

    My Giveaway post is Here.

    If you don’t have a need for this, I’m sure there’s someone you know who will. You can leave me a comment or send me an email: blessedinthewest at yahoo dot com.

  2. Indeed action is the answer to the commonalities of both failure and success. I like the content of your site. I am looking forward to hear more from you.
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  3. Congratulations Brett on your win!

    I’m sure you will be very proud displaying your DC tire cover; especially next season when they play the Chiefs.

  4. Yes, that should be very nice. I’ll display it with great pride.

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