What Starbucks Should Be Doing Today

I like that Starbucks is closing its doors today for 3 hours to focus on training. Good move, and I actually like the message to consumers. However, they could have taken it one big step further. . . .

They should be encouraging their afternoon ‘regulars’ to donate that $3.25 they would normally drop on a White Mocha Latte toward a single charity of Starbucks’ choosing. They could faciliate it online, or better, just have a piggy bank of sorts outside of stores and drive-thru windows. It wouldn’t have affected their training, and it could’ve made a big, BIG difference in just a three-hour window.

I have no idea how many people normally buy a cup of joe from 5:30 – 8:30 on a Tuesday, but based on this Wiki stat of 6,783 stores in the U.S., if you assume 100 patrons per store, and $3.25 as the average purchase, that’s a quick $2.2 mil. generated. And I bet I’m underselling the 100 patrons part.

It would build awareness of Starbucks getting back to its basics, while also enhancing the community-feel of its ‘regulars,’ while also doing something good and attention-worthy.

3 responses to “What Starbucks Should Be Doing Today

  1. Brett,

    Very interesting idea. Your brain is always working (I nominate The Human Fund…Money for People).

    You know how when you go to Disneyland and you feel the urge to peek through the fence and check out the new ride that will open in the summer? I think of this SB closing kinda like that. Many people are curious what this will bring and want to “peek” inside. Maybe offering some sort of donation would allow for one more peek through the fence and possibly more important, it would give the customers a chance to feel they added to the transformation. We’ll see if this brings any lasting changes.

  2. Good analogy (you’re always coming up with good ones).

    The sad thing is that many will be expecting quick results (esp. the shareholders), when a matter like training is a long-term commitment and process with, fortunately, big payouts in the end.

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