400 Days of Brett’s Blog

On January 19, 2007, I started this simple little blog with not much more than a hankering to blog, as you can see in this inaugural post. Since then, it’s no doubt become a highlight of life, as well as a highly addictive avenue of self-expression. Thanks to all of you who have made it as entertaining as it has been. With that being said, here are some interesting stats to date:

Total views: 40,702
Total posts: 295
Highest traffic ever: July 2, 2007 (704 views)
Total comments: 899
Total spam comments: 19,581
Avg. views per day (Jan. 2008): 206
Post with the most comments: Ron Paul: Can He Digg Out of this Hole? – 20 comments

Top Posts and Pages –

  1. We All Work for a Sales and Marketing Company (2,931 views): Traffic to this site has mostly been driven by image searches for “geek,” so take it for what it’s worth.
  2. 10 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners (1,539 views): This post has been one of the more controversial posts, along with its predessor, How Not to Run a Business. Basically, the gym I go to has gone through a lot turnover and issues, and these were my rants and solutions on the topic.
  3. CarbEase, Dr. Harry Preuss and AdvoCare (1,093 views): This post had a clear motive: getting search traffic. When I worked at AdvoCare, an article in USA Today reviewed Dr. Preuss’ book, in which he mentions the AdvoCare product Carb-Ease. The problem is that it was listed as CarbEase (no hyphen) in the article, so the AdvoCare site wasn’t listed high in the search results. Knowing it would lead to search inquiries, I wrote a post to try to attract this search engine traffic. It worked pretty well, and still generates a good amount of views.
  4. Who is Brett? (685 views): Good question. I guess it’s natural for readers to get a better idea of who they’re reading.
  5. How Not to Run a Business (640 views): This was my original rant on the Ranch Health Club in Valley Ranch. For what it’s worth, they’ve gotten a lot better since then.

Top Referrers:

  1. WordPress Dashboard (794): I’ve had scattered posts featured occassionally on the WordPress dashboard. 
  2. Sphere.com Ann Coulter search (679): This is what accounts for July 2, 2007 gaining the most views in a day. Almost all of these clicks came on that one day.
  3. WordPress Tag for Ranch Health Club (377):  This is pretty shocking. I’m surprised this many people are looking for The Ranch, and I’m surprised they still don’t have a web page to get some of this traffic.
  4. Hee Haw Marketing (374): Here’s a great blog from an advertising expert in the Dallas area, and one of the first blogs I started reading. His account of a holiday experience at a local Kohl’s created quite a bit of buzz, and my reference to his experience gained these clicks from the trackback.
  5. WordPress Tag for AdvoCare (211): Makes sense, since several posts refer to my old company and favorite nutritional supplements.

8 responses to “400 Days of Brett’s Blog

  1. Congratulations on your longevity Brett. Those are some pretty impressive stats.

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  3. The best 400 days of my life.

  4. Congrats Brett! I always knew you could do it. Here’s to 400 more.

  5. Thanks for sharing these stats Brett. Being “green” in the blog-world, these are very valuable reference to have. Best of luck.

  6. Thank you all – Frank, I’m especially glad that it was such a good 400 days for you. I know you needed it since the Astros sucked so big this year.

    Lamees – I’ve always thought bloggers should share stats more, just so we can all get an idea of what’s normal, good, etc. Hope it helps.

  7. Congratulations Brett! And thanks for getting me hooked on blogging myself.

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