5 Signs of a Bad Client

Got problems with bad clients? The Freelance Switch has a list of 5 tell-tale signs of those time-suckers that offers quite a bit of insight.

Try this: read this post as if YOU might be the bad client. Chances are, esp. as a marketer, that you often request the services of freelancers and third parties to help you accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Are you bad about scope creep? Do you require lots of meetings? Do you talk big but do nothing?

I’ve definitely been guilty of being a bad client, which just shows how easy it is to fall into a pitfall like this. It usually has to do with a lack of organization and direction at the onset. I would daresay the #1 underlying characteristic of bad clients is poor communication.

Think of what your freelancers need from you to help them get you what you want, and then do it. It just might put you on the Good Client list.

p.s., check out the site of the author. It’s simple, clean and you have no doubt what he offers. I just can’t help but point that out.


One response to “5 Signs of a Bad Client

  1. SJXX1p Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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