The Name Game

I received an extremely pleasant surprise today at an Applebee’s in Phoenix.

As I entered, the hostess took my name and told me it would be about 10 minutes.  As predicted, I was seated within a few minutes, ate my meal, paid, and got up to leave. As I was walking toward the door, the hostess looked up and said, “Have a good day, Brett.”

I’ve never had a hostess remember my name like that. It made me feel a little special, and think a little higher of the place.

In other words, it was a simple thing that made a difference. I’m no master of remembering names, but when you do remember someone’s name, make sure you use it. Carnegie was right: it’s the sweetest sound we ever hear.

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2 responses to “The Name Game

  1. maybe she was hitting on you…

  2. Maybe she was . . . . Good thing I didn’t know her name.

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