Is a Super Bowl ad worth it?

I’ve got my own opinions on this, but I thought I would collect some of your opinions before digging into the topic myself.

Knowing that a 30 sec. ad during this year’s Super Bowl cost $2.7 mil., the question on the table is . . . .

Is it worth it?


3 responses to “Is a Super Bowl ad worth it?

  1. I took the Browns to the Super Bowl.

  2. They almost did it. Keep rooting.

  3. I think it is probably worth it to very large companies like Coke because they are “expected” to have a Super Bowl ad and I’m sure that money isn’t missed that much. It’s part of their brand.

    Smaller companies…95% of the time it’s not worth it. The only time I think it is worth it is if you a) display a new product that has no immediate competition..thus creating a buzz.
    b) if you have a hilarious commercial that people will remember as YOUR commercial and not just the one with the dancing bear. then people will be saying “did you see that commercial for brett, inc? it was hilarious”.

    side note: formula for a successful ad right now…dancing…animals…put together and make funny. “dancing bear 101”

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