Forrester Identifies 6 Characteristics of Marketing Leaders

Chris shares the scoop on what Forrester identifies as the six factors that make a marketing leader successful.

They are all good and insightful. However, notice how the last two deal more with overall management and corporate leadership. As we realize that marketing  should always be the strategic driver of every company, the importance of management for the marketer will only increase.


2 responses to “Forrester Identifies 6 Characteristics of Marketing Leaders

  1. Thanks for the link.

    I attended a seminar recently (shameless self plug: and Godin mentioned that there has been a shift in control : from manufacturers to Marketers.

    He used the Model T Ford, and Ford Motor Co as an example. The reason why ‘black’ was the default colour was because it was cheaper (it dried quicker). Now marketers make decisions; as you say based on the fact that company’s have realised ‘the customer is in control’.

    In the past the marketing department was seen as being the ‘owner of the customer’, or ‘closest to the customer’, when in actual fact EVERY employee is.

    Regards from the UK!

    Chris (from

  2. Chris – yeah, I’ve heard Seth make that reference, too. It really rings true today when so many products are actually a service or software that doesn’t require traditional manufacturing.

    The issue appears to be that Marketing is no longer just a department but a state of mind. Those of us in the department are just responsible for influencing and harvesting that mindset.

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