What Can 30 Seconds Do?

What can a 30 second TV spot accomplish? A radio spot? How about a half-page, full-color ad in a magazine? Or maybe a banner at a sports stadium?

The answer: Not everything.

An ad in any medium cannot completely communicate the full essence of your product or company. So stop trying to make it do just that. It inevitably leads to ads that really, really suck. Words get crammed into a tight space. Voice-overs talk faster and mix messages. And the only thing advertised is confusion.

So what can ads do?

The answer: Something. Specifically, something specific. So pick a specific message for a specific target, and you might actually get something out of that 30 seconds.

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3 responses to “What Can 30 Seconds Do?

  1. Hi Brett,

    Great advice.

    Every good marketer knows that you’ve got to have a target. Aiming at a specific target may mean that you don’t get mass appeal but a target market also ensures that the right people are given the message they need to hear in the manner they want to receive it.

    That’s something that we try to drive home to our customers (we serve voice actors and those who want to hire them) all the time. The message doesn’t get old I find because there is always someone who is enlightened to hear it 🙂

    Good job!

    Thank you,

    Stephanie Ciccarelli

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  3. Stephanie –

    You’re right about targeting. It’s hard to turn down potential business, but you have to narrow your focus and your offer down so that it is really attractive to a certain niche, not so it is kind of attractive to the masses. Our world is filled with “kind-of-cool” stuff, so you’re just going to get lost in the middle of all that if you do the same.

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