Obama’s New Christian Angle for South Carolina

Barack Obama is getting in on the religion card aspect of this year’s presidential race. Be sure to click the post and read through Barack’s new brochure for yourself.  A few random observations that I haven’t completely made sense of yet, but thought I would share anyway:

  1. I am not comfortable questioning anyone’s faith, but it’s hard for me to not second-guess the timing and sincerity of this latest tactic. Could it be to offset rumors of Obama being a Muslim? Probably. Could it be that the Deep South is going to appreciate the Christian angle more than the other primaries? Probably. Either way, it appears to be an add-on, or a response to the latest straw poll or focus group. He’s flipping on his “Christian switch;” let’s see when he turns it back off.
  2. What’s he got against Muslims? Granted, there is a good mix of cautious observation and all-out prejudice against Muslims in this country right now, but there are still plenty of American citizens who are Muslim. So why is it bad that he’s rumored to be a Muslim? (I’m being a little sarcastic here, but I do think this is a bit of a no-win situation for him).
  3. I hate the thought of “playing the religion card.” Your faith isn’t something your dealt every once in a while. It’s a constant. You can’t downplay its significance to your campaign and your leadership in New Hampshire and then make it a centerpiece in South Carolina. It’s not an ace up your sleeve, or a wild card you can play as needed. It should be the backdrop. The foundation.
  4. I hate that we feel religion is a private matter. We as citizens have every right in the world to know what religion our potential President’s follow. It can heavily affect how they lead.
  5. I hate when candidates say they would not let their faith affect their leadership and their judgment. I appreciate that Romney is not going to impose his Mormon views on all of America, but at the same time, I wonder why one should bother having a faith if it DOESN’T influence every part of moral character. At the end of the day, Presidents will lean on their morals as they make decisions, and faith is what most affects morals (even a lack of faith). So to say you are worthy of making Presidentially moral decisions while denying your faith really means you have a weak or nonexistent faith to begin with.

Told you that might not make any sense. Comments?


4 responses to “Obama’s New Christian Angle for South Carolina

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  4. I agree about obama. Nothing wrong with being muslim.

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