The Best 9 Blog Posts I Read All Weekend

Enjoy this week’s version of Weekend Reading:

  1. 20 Reasons Why Corporate Sucks: This is a pretty complete list. My favorite is the commentary on sick days.
  2. The Power of “I Don’t Know”: Why does it feel like we’re failing when we admit we don’t know something? As this post explains, there’s actually more power in admitting to it than faking it.
  3. Thought of the Day: A couple quotes by chemist Linus Pauling on ideas.
  4. Newton’s Laws & Marketing 3.0: A simple thought that makes a lot of sense. Don’t just be a little better than what’s out there now. Be the complete opposite.
  5. McDonald’s Taking on . . . . Starbucks? Looks like the Golden Arches aren’t as concerned with Burger King and Wendy’s as much as they are Starbucks. Will this work? My gut says no, but then again, my gut normally says no when it hears “McDonald’s.”
  6. Agency Relationships Are Like . . . .: Ed posts an excellent analogy of what working with a agency is like. The short-term experience, the long-term familiarity, and the inevitable time of moving on.
  7. University on Wheels: This just makes sense. Granted, I have a hard time tuning out the local sports talk radio, but how much can you really take on the Cowboys?(Especially now!).
  8. Dallas Cowboys By the Numbers: Great post chock full o’ stats on the Cowboys. The numbers between this year and last are VERY close, but I still don’t think there’s any doubt the Boys were better this year. Even with the disappointing loss tonight.
  9. Top 5 Things to do While Stranded at the Airport: This is just good, entertaining reading.

Check out all of the Weekend Reading Series.

4 responses to “The Best 9 Blog Posts I Read All Weekend

  1. Hey Brett –

    Thanks for including mine…

    it’s beyond great to learn someone included your post in a list with that title.

  2. brett – thanks for recommending my own post….

    however, i prefered the “power of i don’t know” post you recemmended.


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  4. Nicole – no problem, and I couldn’t agree more. That feeling never gets old.

    Ed – I could have easily added about 4 other posts from your site. I just started reading it, and I really enjoy it.

    Yeah, that “I Don’t Know” post is pretty spot-on. I think we all either struggle with it ourselves or get a kick out of watching others struggle with it in meetings.

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