Dealing With the Armchair Quarterbacks

Stop the press: I’ve been quoted.

Here’s a pretty interesting summary of an ITSMA article from this summer where Bob Baginski explains how he deals with the fact that Everyone’s a Marketer. Glad my little rant could help frame the question.

The highlights, in Baginski’s words:

Each time I begin to market a new business or new company, the last thing I want to have happen is that my boss comes in on my first day and sets the marketing agenda.

There are four key areas of the business analysis that I would like to highlight because they are so important: 1) client issues and opportunities, 2)  client anecdotes, 3) competitor innovation and 4) your company’s financials.


One response to “Dealing With the Armchair Quarterbacks

  1. Look at the Big Brains on Brad…

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