Lazy Email Marketing

This isn’t a case of bad customer service, but rather, just lazy marketing.

About 3 weeks ago, I purchased this Thomas Kinkade “Glory to the Newborn King” tabletop item for my wife via Collectibles Today. We received it last Friday, December 14, and everything’s great. She loves it, I’m a good husband, and we have a cool Christmas decoration.

Like most e-tailers, Collectibles Today started sending me emails after my order (which I gave them permission to do). No problems with that, until I received their promo email on Saturday, December 15. The call to action?

This Christmas, wouldn’t it be special for you and your family to experience the miracle of the Nativity in a whole new way? Now you can, with the FIRST-EVER Thomas Kinkade “Glory To The Newborn King” Nativity Tabletop Christmas Tree!

They’re asking me to purchase something that I’ve already purchased and just received from them the day before. I’m already “experiencing the miracle of the Nativity in a whole new way.”

The good thing is that Collectibles Today is staying in touch with me. The bad thing is I’m obviously just one of many emails they have, and they’re going to sell me what they want to sell me, not what I want to buy. This was the item of the day. It’s clear they haven’t paid attention to my order history, or at the very least, there’s a disconnect between marketing and order placement.

Here’s the point: take a few simple measures to be just a little bit more specific with your customer communication. Especially when it comes to email marketing. Clean up your database, focus your message and don’t give your customers a reason to think you’re being lazy.

And by all means, don’t waste your time convincing them to buy something they’ve already bought.


4 responses to “Lazy Email Marketing

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  3. Yes, I know what you mean. That sort of thing has happened to me last year.

    What you have to understand is that they only took your contact information. They didn’t bother to take furthe information about what you have already bought.

    Email marketing campaigns are conducted with the use of autoresponders and therefore the sending of emails is automated. Unfortunately, this automation only extends towards contact information. It doesn’t take into coonsideration which products you have already bought or declined. It just sends you emails because you’re a part of the email list – nothing more, nothing less.

    Yes, it may appear lazy but maintaining an email marketing campaign is a hard job and automation is something businesses have to contend with.

    If you want further info about how email marketing works, try visiting this site: I’m sure it’ll help.

  4. JDR – I understand your point, but it still doesn’t negate the fact that I received a email asking me to purchase something I had already purchased. I know it’s hard to keep track of who’s bought what, but there are programs out there that do it. Even if you don’t want to automate it, have someone identify anyone who has purchased the featured gift, cross-reference it on a spreadsheet and delete that recipient from the particular mailing. Better, send them a different message. Even better, thank them for buying it, and let them know it’s on sale/featured in case the recipient knows someone else who would like it.

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