The Best Branding Presentation I’ve Ever Seen

Tip o’ the hat to David for sharing this mind-shaking presentation on branding by Marty of Neutron, LLC. As David says in his post, sometimes it’s best to just get out of the way and let “the thing” speak for itself. I’ll only add that this is must-see for anyone who even slightly considers themselves a business person.


8 responses to “The Best Branding Presentation I’ve Ever Seen

  1. The author of this presentation, Marty Neumeier, has packed much fresh thinking and perspective into a book of the same title on which this presentation is based. When the book first was published, Marty served as moderator for the AMA’s Brand Special Interest Group’s discussion of the book and its concepts – and it was a great series of posts. Just paging through the book is an education in innovation and good design.

  2. Thanks Ron – I’ll have to check that out. If the book is anything like the presentation, I can’t get it soon enough.

  3. Brett, I was actually putting my own presentation together on branding when I came across this one. I gave up:)
    I think I’ll just show my clients this one instead!

  4. David – no kidding. I can’t imagine how you could improve upon it. Thanks for finding it.

    By the way, I enjoy your blog a great deal, too. Keep up the nice work.

  5. I get the chills every time I see that presentation. Greatness.

  6. Thanks for sharing this one Brett.

    I found it inspiring and informative.

  7. Brett, I love the brand gap slide show. And I want to email it to my friends and students, but the email button seems not to work. Help! ~V

  8. Vic –

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

    Try this: Go here –, and then click on the share button. Obviously, if that doesn’t work, either send them the link to my blog, or the link above.

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