Thanks to Seth for the reference to this post by Aaron. He’s got some great tips on the do’s and don’ts of choosing a URL.

Here are my pet peeves to URL naming (most of which Aaron covers on his blog):

  1. No dashes, underscores, hyphens, or anything else that has to be explained. There’s nothing worse than someone telling you to enter a symbol into the URL. It’s often too confusing, definitely too hard to remember when you’re just hearing it, and it’s aesthetically short of optimal.
  2. Don’t make it hard to spell. You might have a really cool domain name, but if I have to ask you how to spell it, you might want to think twice. No offense, Seth, but I have this problem with Squidoo.com. Every time I suggest it to someone, they always ask me to spell it. However, you’ve obviously overcome that (it’s a great site).
  3. Use capital letters at the beginning of each new word. Thisistoohardtoread.com. ThisIsALittleEasier.com.
  4. Keep it simple. Yes, most of your traffic will come via links, so some of this doesn’t even matter. But, if you want people to talk about it, write about it, etc., keep the name simple. For example, I’m dying to get my hands on Brett.net. Unfortunately, someone’s already got it (although they’re not using it), and I’m not yet willing to pony up for it. But it’s simple, it’s easy to remember, it’s specific to me  – what more can you want?

One response to “What’sInAName.com?

  1. Wish i had the talent to write such posts.

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