Did Simpsonize Me Work?

This is not a rhetorical question; I really want to know.

I’d like to post something on the whole tactic of SimpsonizeMe.com that launched in July, but I’m having trouble finding news on its success.

If you know of anything, please let us hear it in the comments here, and I might work it into my post, as well. Was it a business success for Burger King? For the movie?

To start, I’d like to ask these folks if they know of anything? If you stumble upon this site and either know some feedback or have an opinion about the whole campaign, let me know.

  1. This and Mine
  2. Raves, Rants and a bit of Gyan
  3. Web Marketing News
  4. GHacks
  5. On the Verge
  6. Tom’s MAD Blog
  7. Threeminds on Digital Marketing
  8. Wired Blog Network
  9. BannerBlog
  10. GuerrillaComm
  11. Tandem Interactive
  12. Kolbrener
  13. CPB Group

4 responses to “Did Simpsonize Me Work?

  1. I have an opinion.

    If I was a betting or guessing man, I’d say the site made most people angry, because it simply crashed left right and centre.

    Offcourse some of the marketing managers at Burger King will laud great traffic, great exposure.

    But I can’t help but think that the majority of users will have left un-simpsonised and slightly disappointed.

    ….but as I said that is pure speculation and guesswork based on my user experience. I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.

  2. Well it did work for me but I had lots of comments that told me that this did not work at all. I had some problems at the beginning as well but it did work with the same image after a few tries.

  3. Chris – I heard about all the frustration with the site crashing at first. I think I was a couple weeks late in checking it out, and it worked fine for me. But, there are lots of blog posts out there begging to differ.

    Martin – I think you experienced the same thing I did.

    I wonder how many Whoppers it sold, though . . . .

  4. Brett – There were a lot of problems with the SimpsonizeMe campaign. It was very picky on the picture you used, and it had repeated server crashes. In the post you linked from Kolbrener, I must have tried 10 different pictures before it accepted one.

    I’d like to see how Burger King and CP&B measured the success of the campaign.

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