Introducing New Month’s Resolotions

In response to my frustrations with New Year’s Resolutions expressed in yesterday’s post, I present you with a much better idea: New Month’s Resolutions.

If a year is too long to be effective, then let’s break our resolutions into 12 bite-sized pieces over the next year. And since we’ve heard time and again that it takes anywhere from 21 to 3o days to form a habit, a month’s worth of focus on a resolution seems just right.

More than that, you don’t have to wait a year to see if you’re accomplishing anything.

So, I’m not waiting until January. I’ve got a resolution for December: lose 5 pounds. I know, weight loss is such a cliche resolution, but I’m doing it for 2 reasons: 1) I really need to lose 5 pounds, and 2) most people don’t think you can’t lose weight during Christmas. I’m set to prove that wrong.

Just thought I’d pass this thought along. I’m sure it’s not original, but it beats the heck out of New Year’s Resolutions. Plus, I get to pick 11 more resolutions between now and next year.


5 responses to “Introducing New Month’s Resolotions

  1. Sad times… tonight is the season finale of Beauty and the Geek. I’m sorry Brett.

  2. Yes, I can tell. My “geek” searches have been shooting through the roof this week.

    What’s really sad is that you know this on your own.

  3. cut off your head… at least five pounds of ugly fat gone…

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  5. tick tock…

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